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We are a Pasadena-based financial planning and investment management firm.  We offer solutions to all your financial questions - investment management, budgeting, retirement planning, insurance planning, estate planning, and tax planning.  As fee-only advisors, we never sell products and don't take commissions.  We sell only our advice.


The hallmarks of a successful investment strategy include the following: understanding risk, the tradeoff between risk and expected returns, and your tolerance for risk; the use of low-cost, diversified, passive funds; and discipline in the face of market euphoria and market fears.


Understanding how much you spend, and what you spend it on, is an important first step in determining if you will have "enough."  We work with you to determine if you're on the right track, and if there are adjustments and improvements you can make in meeting your goals.


We work with you proactively to structure your activities to mitigate your tax burden.  Whether it's finding all deductions, or structuring your business with the proper legal entity, or simply making sure your estate planning documents are in order, the best time to plan is well before you have to file a tax return.

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