How will you protect my money when the next crash comes?

If you refer to the discussion about passive investing, you'll understand that the probability is quite low that any advisor or investor is going to be able to reliably "get you out" of the market before a market crash.  That would be market timing, and it simply does not work.

On the other hand, there is a very simple way to protect your portfolio for the next market crash, and it is very effective.  This method involves understanding that the market is ALWAYS risky, 100% of the time, and that the next market crash is not going to announce that it is coming ahead of time.

This method therefore necessitates a proactive approach, in setting the investor's allocation ahead of time, to include a sufficient amount of safe assets (high-quality, short-term bonds) in the portfolio, which will hold their value during the market crash.  With these safe assets representing a sufficient portion of your portfolio, the overall losses in your portfolio will be mitigated.

Of course, be aware of what the bond allocation will do when the market is rising - it will be a net drag on your upside.  But that's what smart investing is all about - understanding and accepting the tradeoff between risks and expected returns.  Investors who refuse to accept this tradeoff set themselves up for trouble later on.